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Adopt A Grandparent

The holiday season is in full swing. Many are decorating and making holiday plans to visit with family and friends.  Many are also doing something to help make the holidays special for those less fortunate in the community. 

The Toys For Tots program reaches out to the less fortunate children.  The shelters are reaching out to the homeless.  There are few programs that reach out to the elderly.  The loneliness can be devastating and many elderly pass away in December. 
This Adopt A Grandparent Program reaches out to the seniors who are alert and aware that it's the holiday season, but are alone with no family to visit and will have no gifts.   
Your tax deductible $25 gift will sponsor a special gift basket for one resident and enable them to have a Merry Christmas. Your gift of $30.00 will sponsor two $15.00 gift bags.    
A gift card will be attached with your message and name.   It’s a great way share a little of your holiday cheer and lift someone’s spirits who will truly appreciate it!    
 adopt a grandparent